Within days of its release, SwiftBoi's new single "The Bad Guy" has been shared by BODY BAG MEDIA, spun on JJJ Radio nationally, KISS FM Melbourne, 4ZZZ Brisbane, WOW FM Adelaide and HARDCORE FM Sydney just to name a few. The single is taken from her forthcoming sophomore album release HECTOPLASM. "The Bad Guy" is a hard hitting unapologetic banger anthem for anyone who ever felt different and disrespected by the masses and the chorus is catchy as all hell. The songs main themes are defending yourself against abuse from bullies, bisexuality and being labelled "The Bad Guy" for winning, all while maintaining a tongue in cheek IDGAF cheeky attitude that is hard to match.

Here is what JJJ has to say about SwiftBoi’s latest single “The Bad Guy”:

"Slams brakes this is a huge statement from Swiftboi and how they dgaf what anyone thinks of 'em. Some totally brutal lines in here, I'm awed by this confidence."

- Dave Ruby Howe Triple J Unearthed Music Director

"Daaaaaamn, you're taking no prisoners over here

- Tommy Faith Executive Producer of Triple J Unearthed

"Had to buy a new pair of headphones after listening to this. Everyone is saying it's because they were old and broken, but I'm almost certain it's cause this is pure fire!"

- Sandro Falce Triple J Presenter

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Swiftboi has been on stages all over Australia since she was 12 years old and started performing in bars in outback Australia. When she was 16 she ran away from her turbulent home life to persue music in the city and has not stopped since. She began freestyling in Melbourne's hip hop circuit in 2015 and by 2017 had produced her first solo hip hop album HONEY TRAP .
The album produced the singles "Scooby Doome" a gritty, cheeky tale of Melbourne's sordid underbelly and "Turning" a freestyle over lullabye trap about getting lit with boys from out of town. HONEY TRAP was a gritty dark offering to the scene, a reflection of her life at the time and included beats from boom bap all the way through to industrial grime and new wave trap.
All the beats are custom made from Australian producers. The albums following tours saw her playing along side artists such as Sarah Connor, Imbi The Girl, Grey Ghost and Mantra.
Not content with her situation in Melbourne and wanting to work even harder on her music SwiftBoi left for shows in Sydney and soon fell in love with the cities culture and hip hop scene moving to the city in December 2017. She soon linked up with new producer BIG JORDY who makes boom bap so rowdy and punchy it is reminiscent of a rock and roll show. She purchased 12 of his beats and got to work.

SwiftBoi's sophmore solo album HECTOPLASM was born from what she feels when she hears BIG JORDY beats. It is nothing but undeniably Australian sounding straight heavy funky boom bap with a cheeky party feel and SwiftBoi undeniably spits harder and faster than most male rappers in the scene. The album sounds like a rock band and a jazz band having a dance off while SB spits cheeky tongue twisters above the riot.

The first single "Bad Guy" was released recently and has received positive reviews and radio play despite its hard hitting attitude and lyrics. HECTOPLASM is dropping July 2018 and will be followed up with two film clips and an east coast tour.

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"Very unique, very creative "I don't follow the rules" type persona. I was definitely surprised and impressed at the ability to spit with such tenacity and to so smoothly transition between flows. Lyrics were well thought out, definitely the ability is there, very polished, very natural.

Something I haven't tasted before, very fresh sound, doesn't sound put on. The character of Swiftboi is definitely unique and its own style, Deep but well balanced, very J cole esque, delivery, topics and persona. So make way for the bad guy, you need somebody like her. I would love to see much more of Swiftboi."

- Dverse Presents
  April 2018

"SwiftBoi is known for her quirky style and performances. She strives to set herself apart from the generic crowd, establishing her name and identity. She handles the stage effortlessly and each song is unique from one another. She moves forward towards and motions towards the crowd demonstrating her fearlessness in uncovering the monsters within and around her. There is no questioning that Swiftboi kills tongue twists in her raps”

- Issa Rap
 Jan 2018

"SwiftBoi’s outfit was one of a kind and her crazy style of music is one that sets her apart from others. There is no denying that SwiftBoi is unique in her own way and her fans reactions as she hit the stage said enough."

- Issa Rap
  Nov 2017

"Swiftboi might be one of the lesser known rappers on stages (for now) but if we know one thing, it’s never underestimate the underdog! Her unapologetic brand of rap and savagely hilarious social media presence make her a complete package & one of those artists that we can’t wait to watch grow"

- AUD$
 July 2017